Why Going with the Flow Can Save Your Sanity

go with the flow

“Going with the flow is responding to cues from the universe. When you go with the flow, you’re surfing Life force. It’s about wakeful trust and total collaboration with what’s showing up for you.” – Danielle LePort I’ll admit that in the past, I was a nervous flyer. I was particularly tense whenever a plane experienced… 

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The Secret to Charisma and Personal Magnetism

personal charisma

“Charisma is not so much getting people to like you as getting people to like themselves when you’re around.” – Robert Brault Have you ever met someone who had the ability to instantly light up a room when they enter it? Even without saying a word, they can own a room with their commanding presence… 

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How to Become a Genius through Deep Work

become a genius

“Great creative minds think like artists but work like accountants.” – David Brooks What do Einstein, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci and Bill Gates have in common? They were all deep thinkers. Not many people are aware that these visionaries had to spend hours of their life intensely engaged in their labor to come up… 

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How to Find the Sacred in Everyday Life


“Your daily life is your temple. When you enter into it, take with you your all.” – Khalil Gibran When we think back to the times when tribal culture was still dominant, we can’t help but notice that the pace of life was significantly different back then. It was slower, serene and simpler. This barebones… 

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What Your Emotions are Really Trying to Tell You


“Emotions make us human. Denying them makes us beasts.” – Victoria Klein Have you ever… teared up while watching a touching movie scene? felt angry while viewing news coverage on a senseless act of violence? experienced elation after hearing about your job promotion or pay raise? been excited while planning a fun-packed, upcoming vacation? felt… 

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5 Simple Steps to Reading People


“To know what people really think, pay regard to what they do, rather than what they say.” – Rene Descartes Ever since the first humans appeared on Earth, some 200,000 years ago, we have been dependent on one another. We have looked to each other for sustenance, love, connection and protection. Clearly, our very survival… 

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Why We Are More Similar Than Different


I was seated at a Starbucks café, gazing at the throngs of people whizzing past me in London’s busy Heathrow airport while leisurely sipping my warm chai latte. Some were running into a nearby bistro to grab a quick bite to eat, while others casually strolled into a merchandise store to do so some last… 

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