Why We Are More Similar Than Different


I was seated at a Starbucks café, gazing at the throngs of people whizzing past me in London’s busy Heathrow airport while leisurely sipping my warm chai latte. Some were running into a nearby bistro to grab a quick bite to eat, while others casually strolled into a merchandise store to do so some last… 

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The Right Way of Being a Perfectionist

being a perfectionist

“People call me a perfectionist, but I’m not. I’m a rightist – I do something until its right.” – James Cameron Perfectionism has always had a bad rap in our society. The mere mention of the word elicits bleak visions of weary and worn-out individuals who are painstakingly trying to reach seemingly impossible standards. It… 

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Why Music is a Powerful Healer

benefits of music

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” – Confucius Go back to one of the fondest and most memorable musical experiences you’ve ever had. Were you at a concert, a club, a special occasion, in your car, or in the comfort of your own home? What made this particular experience… 

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How to Determine if You Have Truly Forgiven


“When you forgive, you in no way change the past, but you sure do change the future.” – Bernard Meltzer There are many great stories about forgiveness, from both everyday life as well as religious folklore. Perhaps one of the most touching stories I’ve heard on forgiveness is about a man who was wrongly accused… 

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5 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Politics

lessons from politics

“Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business.” – Winston Churchill Are you inclined to viewing anything related to politics with skepticism and suspicion? You are not alone. Most people perceive politics to be a dirty game, filled with corrupt and deceitful contenders, trying to wield power for their own benefit. It’s like… 

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The Importance of Building Character

building character

“Character is unfakeable goodness.” – David Brooks I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have met people who have left a deep and lasting impression on me. I’m not one to be distracted by external symbols of power such as wealth, looks and influence. For someone to stand… 

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6 Psychological Blind Spots You Should Be Aware Of


“Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that – thoughts.” – Allan Lokos The human brain is a remarkably complex work of art. With over 100 billion neurons, it enables us to synthesize, organize and memorize information at rapid speeds, 30 times faster than the best supercomputers. If we learn how to use it… 

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Why We Need to Have Faith in the Unknown

faith in the unknown

“Change is the only constant.” – Heraclitus How do you feel every time you look up at a clear, starry night sky? Does the dazzling sparkling spectacle bring up feelings of awe, reverence and wonder? Or does this vast expanse of dark nothingness incite a sense of eeriness, vulnerability and humility? If you’re like most… 

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